This article lists all of Patch 3.3.2's undocumented changes.


World environment Edytuj

After a first server kill of the Lich King the fountain at the center of Runeweaver Square in Dalaran is replaced is replaced by a monument named Dedication of Honor. Clicking on it allows you to view the Fall of the Lich King cutscene cinematic.

Instances Edytuj

The NexusEdytuj

  • The channeling time for Anomalus's Rift Shield spell has been increased.

The OculusEdytuj

Culling of StratholmeEdytuj

  • The time between the first boss and the next undead wave has been decreased.

Pit of SaronEdytuj

Halls of ReflectionEdytuj

  • The Lich King will now quickly deal a large amount of damage to players attempting to exploit the instance's final encounter using the "ledge strategy" that had been widely popular prior to this patch. However, if you stay far enough behind him the tendrils wont deal damage to you, although you do have to make a run for it after the 4th wall is down.

Icecrown CitadelEdytuj

  • Deathbringer Saurfang will no longer gain blood power from Mark of the Fallen Champion. In addition, mitigation abilities such as Power Word: Shield will no longer prevent blood power generation.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang's Blood Beasts are now immune to knockback.

Quests Edytuj

User interfaceEdytuj

  • The original ready check sound effect has returned to a loud noticeable sound.
  • The loot roll window now scales with the rest of the UI and clearly marks BoP items. It uses the same graphic as elite mobs.

Dungeon FinderEdytuj

  • Maraudon's Purple and Orange sides had their level ranges corrected accordingly. Now Maraudon - Purple Crystals is a level 39-49 dungeon and Maraudon - Orange Crystals is a level 41-51 dungeon.