Główne zmiany

  • Poprawa wielu błędów.


  • Druids now auto-shift to humanoid form upon talking to a flight master or mounting.
  • Druids now auto-shift to humanoid form upon using items (such as the [Hearthstone]--much like when they cast spells).


  • Volley animation changed back to 'rain of arrows'.
  • While not a part of the initial 2.3.2 patch, on January 14th a hot fix applied shortly after removed a hunter's ability to tame the Grimtotem Spirit Guide.


Item models

The following items have had their model changed:


Tempest Keep - The Eye

  • The High Astromancer Solarian encounter can no longer be reset by running out of the room.
  • High Astromancer Solarian now uses her ability Light of the Astromancer at a much greater frequency.
  • Astromancer Lords in the packs prior to High Astromancer Solarian have gained the Domination ability.

Bug fixes

  • The title (customized on the character panel) does not reset anymore (e.g. on zoning or relogging).
  • Life drains will no longer restore health while afflicted by IconSmall Man'ari Male Prince Malchezaar's enfeeble.
  • Leaving a player behind at the start of the gauntlet before the eagle boss in Zul'Aman no longer prevents additional waves of spawns.
  • The quest Neutral 15 [65] Skywing in Terokkar Forest that was previously bugged since patch 2.3.0 (the skywing would get stuck after dropping to the lower level) has been fixed.

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